Sweet fruity, even powdery and woody, slightly leathery and earthy

Hydro distillation


Homme bras levés



Deep regeneration

Flèche circulaire



Surface regeneration


The carrot is a biennial herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family and named umbelliferous because of the shape of the flowers (umbrella-shaped). If the carrot plant is left in the ground, the plant will use the roots' reserves to produce flowers, fruit and then seeds in the second year.

The leaves are divided and covered with hairs. As with tomatoes, the flowers are hermaphroditic, i.e. the male and female organs are present in the same flower and can therefore self-fertilise.


The domestication of the carrot is believed to have taken place in Persia about 5000 years before our era. But the Greeks and Romans didn't seem to be too fond of it.

It must be said that at that time, carrots had a whitish colour, a rather tough skin, and very fibrous flesh.

During the Renaissance, improvements were made to the species and the carrot was made tastier. However, it was not until the middle of the 19th century that the carrot acquired its beautiful orange-red colour and finally became the sweet vegetable we know today.


Carrot Essential Oil is known for its effects on the prevention of skin aging, wrinkles and brown spots. With its purifying action due to its high carotol content, it is suitable for oily skin prone to infections and acne. 

Deep down it prevents the signs of aging, and on the surface it smoothens and evens the skin surface.

The Kiotis laboratory has shown, through in vitro scientific tests, that Carrot Essential Oil regenerates the skin by stimulating cell renewal. Deep down it prevents the signs of ageing, and on the surface it smoothens and makes the skin surface more homogeneous.

Did you know?

It was the Dutch who, wishing to show their loyalty to a Protestant principality in France, developed a variety of carrot that had a beautiful bright orange colour. This variety quickly dominated today’s market and is used in the manufacture of Carrot Essential Oil

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