Woody, soft

Steam distillation



Deep hydration (preventive and restorative effect)






Surface hydration (restorative effect)


It can reach up to 6 m in height and withstand salt and drought. An edible almond surrounded by a hard shell forms the centre of the small, spherical fruit.

It is used as a substitute for Indian sandalwood (S. album), which has become very rare and expensive.

The two species differ in the concentration of chemical constituents and therefore in their odour, with a bitter-dry first note in Australian Sandalwood.

Fruits du santal australien


It is a tree native to the semi-arid regions of Southern and Western Australia. It is cultivated for its wood and especially for its oils that are used in medicine and food.

It belongs to the sandalaceae family and is a hemiparasite pumping the nutrients it needs into the roots of its host.

The development of land for agriculture has greatly reduced its population.


Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil is recognized for its astringent and regenerating effects on the skin, as well as for its decongestant and stimulating action due to several molecules of the sesquiterpenol family (farnesol, sandalol, bisabolol, nuciferol).

The Kiotis laboratory has shown, through in vitro scientific tests, that Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil prevents dehydration and rehydrates the skin both on the surface and in-depth.

This Kiotis-patented property is reinforced by the stimulation of elastin allowing the skin to regain its elasticity and to preserve it by limiting facial muscle contractions that are the main cause of wrinkles.

Did you know?

In perfumery, sandalwood, used as a base note, is an excellent fixative that captures the main aromas of the other essential oils.

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